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Why your employees are not in the office?"

A client asked, "Why your employees are not in the office?" I said, "Because they are making our clients more successful" He: "Yes but they aren't in your office". I: "I hire employees I trust. They have to be where our clients are". Because I didn't become an entrepreneur to… […] Weiterlesen

January 19, 2019


Bruno, I hate my job but the money is good. Is it normal to feel like this?

Ask Bruno, The Swiss Entrepreneur "The Optimizer" From Racing To Raising: CEO, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker, Founder ThinkTank, Philosopheur & Elu's Biggest Fan In this video, Bruno is talking about chapter 1.1 his best selling books "The Good Spirit Of your Company" about your vocation. Grab it now and… […] Weiterlesen

October 22, 2018


The three most important tips to find your calling

For most people Friday is the best day because the weekend is close. And on Sunday evening, the dread begins because Monday is approaching. Moreover, more than 60% of all employees have no emotional attachment to their employer. That means, that every second employee has quit inside... It must not,… […] Weiterlesen

August 30, 2018


From the roots to the fruits!

The laws of nature are universally valid. That means, regardless of time and place. Our APPLETREE natural law is: From the roots to the fruits! If you live according to the laws of nature, you will go the optimal way: Entrepreneurs from normal to optimal! An example of this can… […] Weiterlesen

August 30, 2018


In three steps to a speech without a manuscript

Many people would rather die than give a speech. And if they still do, then to feel safe, they more or less read it from a script. Obviously you can’t really get your people excited about this. With this article I want to help you by using my speech at… […] Weiterlesen

August 30, 2018


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