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Bruno Aregger, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Born into a middle-class family of entrepreneurs, Bruno went his own way. He did not take over his parents' business as was planned, but instead founded and has run several companies.
In gripping lectures, he points out ways for entrepreneurs to be not just "average" but "optimal" in their business.
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    Bruno Aregger is a stimulating speaker with a relaxed and authentic style that gets people going. Participants emphasize how they profit from his exemplary ideas even years after his presentation. In this way, he carries forward his conviction of the need to bring a new, positive spirit into the world.


    As an entrepreneur, Bruno Aregger has over 20 years of business experience with small and medium-sized companies. Raised in a middle-class, entrepreneurial family, he chose not to take over the family business but go his own way . He has led and founded several companies.


    Author by accident: Shaken by the many misadventures he encountered, as well as the loss of his entire fortune, Bruno initially wrote down his worst mistakes as a kind of self-therapy. When reflecting with friends, the idea arose to make this valuable information public. From this seed of a notion, the book "Raise the good spirit of your company" was born.

    What my customers say

    • Thomas Hagmaier

      The best speech of this evening - great, to meet you!

      Thomas Hagmaier, CEO Hagmaier Etiketten & Druck GmbH

    • Matt Bacak

      This book is the missing link to getting where you want to be in business.

      Matt Bacak, Founder of The Profit Coalition and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

    • The book "The Good Spirit of Your Company: From Racing to Raising" is filled with great tips for anyone trying to succeed in business. It is brimming over with helpful advice that is useful for anyone trying to succeed at any group endeavor. Although I am not officially an entrepreneur (as yet!) I will take this advice forward and use it as life goal guidance to help me flourish at any venture where more than one person is involved! Highly recommended!

      Carol Kopp, Editor

    • Franz Grüter

      This book is the perfect companion for managers and entrepreneurs.

      Franz Grüter, Entrepreneur and National Council

    • The first chapter alone made my day.    

      Gabriele Ghiba, Trade Compliance Manager

    • Prof. Dr. Michael Boenigk

      A wealth of good tips. A must for anyone who wants to start his own business, or make an established one more successful.

      Prof. Dr. Michael Boenigk, Hochschule Luzern

    • Maurus Huber

      Your performance today was magnificent! Thank you for coming and for your contribution! You're so authentic, one just has to experience it ....  

      Maurus Huber, Head of Claims and Business Services Corporate Customers Swiss Life

    • Karem Albash

      Bruno Aregger understands how to present the values of natural corporate management in an exciting and plausible way. He is present, clear and goes at it with heart and soul. All the qualities you want from a real entrepreneur.

      Karem Albash, Co-Organizer at “Lateral Thinker World” Suisse Emex

    • Rolf Fringer

      Bruno Aregger is in the know!

      Rolf Fringer, Soccer coach & sports director

    • Prof. Dr. René Zeier

      In the hallways, I heard from the course’s participants, that it went super great with you, congratulations!

      Prof. Dr. René Zeier, Head of Smart-up HSLU

    • Kurt Moser

      Yesterday you spoke to the hearts of the KC Murtensee’s members. Hereby, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you once again for your appearance in Gempenach. Our members were thrilled!

      Kurt Moser, Kiwanis Murtensee Switzerland

    • Ottmar Hitzfeld

      I assure you: The good spirit is the prerequisite for winning!

      Ottmar Hitzfeld, International Success Trainer

    • Marc Steffen

      Instead of striving for faster and higher, look for continuous and long-term results. That's more valuable for the company and the employees, according to Bruno Aregger. I recommend Bruno as a coach, speaker, and also his book, to all entrepreneurs worldwide.

      Marc Steffen, Master Of Sales

    • Prof. Dr. Susan Müller

      Mostly, books about entrepreneurship are about success stories. This book is soothingly different. Bruno Aregger - experienced entrepreneur and hopeless optimist - talks entertainingly about the worst mistakes of his entrepreneurial career. An important book for all entrepreneurial women of the future.

      Prof. Dr. Susan Müller, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship KMU-HSG

    • Patrick Steiner

      I devoured the book "The Good Spirit of Your Company." Just a pity that I didn’t read it sooner, it would have spared me a lot.

      Patrick Steiner, Swiss Association of Window and Facade Industry

    • Peter Metzinger

      I devoured the book "The Good Spirit of Your Company" in two days. It confirmed my own leadership model, and still gave me new, important insights after 20 years in business that motivated and inspired me!

      Peter Metzinger, CEO business campaigning GmbH

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